Developer Documentation

Developer Install

If you wish to help with the development of Bluezero then the recommended way of installing for edit is as follows:

git clone
cd python-bluezero
pip3 install -e .[dev]

Release Checklist

  • Check Travis-tests are passing (
  • Update version info (see Update Version Info)
  • Build and publish PyPI package (see Build PyPI package)
  • Check PyPI page for obvious errors
  • git tag with version number
  • Check read the docs page

Update Version Info

Use bumpversion package to update all references at once. This library tries to use Semantic Versioning

Semantic version uses three numbers that represent major.minor.patch.

The bumpversion command allows you to choose which to update. In the following example the version is being updated for a patch.

bumpversion patch

Build PyPI package

Update version information in

To upload to PyPI:

python3 bdist_wheel sdist
twine upload dist/*

Test Build of Documentation

Do a test build of the documentation and then a visual inspection. To do a local build of the documentation:

cd docs
make clean
make html
  • readthedocs gets update from GitHub
  • readthedocs versions are based on GitHub version tags